Cost Saving Benefits

Other Radiant Barrier Products Don’t Offer the Same Cost-Savings

The tremendous energy savings that The Heat Shield reflective insulation provides translate into exceptional cost-savings as well. What helps set The Heat Shield apart from radiant barrier products is that it comes with one-year savings guarantee of at least 25 percent on energy bills when added to traditional insulation. The Heat Shield can also help qualify homeowners for certain federal and local tax credits.

The Heat Shield is able to generate more savings than radiant barrier products because it features the highest E value on the market. E value measures insulation’s ability to effectively block emission, the number one culprit when it comes to home energy waste. Standard insulation only provides protection from two forms of heat transfer: conduction and convection. This is why adding The Heat Shield is essential if you want to experience maximum energy and cost savings. Radiant barrier products simply cannot match The Heat Shield’s emission-blocking capability.
When you decide to install The Heat Shield instead of a radiant barrier, our expert green contractors will come to your home and perform a comprehensive audit.

The Most cost-effective way to lower your heating and cooling bills

  • Advanced foil laminating technology
  • Stops over 97% of radiant transfer, the primary source of residential energy loss
  • Effective for the life of your home without settling, condensation or mildew
  • Never needs replacing or maintenance
  • Free of dangerous fibers, off gassing or allergens
  • Pays for itself faster than most other home improvements


The Heat Shield Insulation greatly increases comfort in a host of residential and commercial applications. The Heat Shield addresses all three modes of heat transfer: radiation, conduction, and convection. Our Foil can reflect up to 97% of radiant energy striking it.
We invite interested homeowners to call or e-mail us as well for more information about why The Heat Shield multilayer reflective insulation is preferred over radiant barrier products.