The Heat Shield

The-Heat-Sheild-InstallationThe Heat Shield multilayer reflective insulation

Unlike radiant barrier insulation

A revolutionary new type of multilayer reflective insulation, The Heat Shield, is unlike any radiant barrier product on the market today.  As opposed to radiant barrier products, The Heat Shield has a center core composed of high-density fiberglass and is true insulation that has the capability to reflect 97 percent of radiant heat transfer.

The Heat Shield is simply more effective at lowering home energy bills than any radiant barrier product 
The Heat Shield reflective insulation greatly increases comfort many residential and commercial applications.  It addresses all three modes of heat transfer: radiation, conduction and convection.  The Heat Shield can reflect up to 97% of the radiant energy striking it.


U.S. Department of Energy tests show that The Heat Shield Attic Energy Barrier delivers more energy savings than twelve inches of additional fiberglass insulation.  
As a retrofit product, The Heat Shield works in conjunction with existing house insulation, rather than replacing it. In fact, studies have shown that installing one layer of The Heat Shield may provide more energy savings than adding 5 more inches of fiberglass insulation. The Heat Shield can be installed in virtually every area of your home, which include attics, roofs, walls, basements, and more.  The Heat Shield attic energy barrier is highly versatile. The configuration of your attic and your relative heating and cooling requirements will determine the best installation method.




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